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ICAO Language Proficiency Test PRO

Recommended for experienced flight students aiming for the highest possible ICAO level corresponding to their language proficiency for the best career opportunities.

ICAO Language Proficiency Test BASIC

Recommended for novice flight students requiring ICAO Level 4.

Additional information about the procedure

Choose a suitable date for yourself from our calendar. After selecting the appointment, fill out the form with your personal details.

Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation email, including a Zoom link.

Download the Privacy Declaration and check your consent for data processing. Afterward, sign the declaration with the date and your signature.

After booking the appointment, you will receive a link for uploading a copy of your ID card and the privacy declaration to our secure server.

We want your ICAO Language Proficiency Test to be a complete success, just like you do! For your optimal preparation, download our preparation booklet. 

We have compiled some typical exam examples for your optimal preparation. At the end of the test, you will have a free conversation with the examiner on any topics of your choice. Here, you should naturally discuss areas where you are familiar with the vocabulary and/or where you feel confident navigating in English, both professionally and personally.

The exam time window is chosen so that it can start immediately after the connection is established. You should make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that the camera and microphone are functioning properly. You can use Zoom in a browser via the invitation link in our confirmation of appointment, but we recommend downloading and installing the app for a stable exam process. If you haven't used Zoom before, you can find a brief tutorial here.

Our ICAO Language Proficiency Tests take place digitally. The questions will be played to you as audio files. 

For "Level 4 only," you will only face 12 questions and a 10-minute interview: 12 questions and 10 minutes of free interview time, totaling approximately 30 minutes.

For "Level 4-6," you can expect 18 questions and a 15-minute free conversation with the examiner. In the ICAO Language Proficiency Tests for Levels 5 and 6, the examination is concluded with an audio sample of an ATIS or a radio transmission: 18 questions and 15 minutes of free interview time, totaling approximately 45 minutes.

Important: Although we mainly operate in the context of aviation, it is never about technical knowledge, but only about the correct use of the English language. Please take a look at our exam examples page!

The ICAO Language Proficiency Test begins with a first section consisting of several individual questions that should be answered briefly but precisely. One component involves spelling and reading frequencies and altitudes according to ICAO guidelines. Additionally, an image with aviation context will be shown, and you are expected to describe it as accurately as possible. Long answers are generally not required nor desired. This section assesses language proficiency and listening comprehension. Two image descriptions are also part of this section.

The second part is the so-called "interview": In a relaxed conversation, you can talk with the examiner about anything you like. 

You will find a detailed explanation of the evaluation criteria for the respective ICAO level here.

With our "ICAO Language Proficiency Test PRO" you will automatically receive the highest possible level according to your language skills.

In the shorter format, "ICAO Language Proficiency Test BASIC" your language level will not exceed Level 4.

The audio channel of our exams is recorded and uploaded to a certified Second Level Examiner (SLE).

You will receive your new ICAO language certificate promptly via email after the evaluation of your performance (usually within 24 hours).

You will then submit the certificate to your licensing authority and have your new language qualification with the corresponding level entered into your license.
You will receive information and details about the specific process from us via email after the examination, along with your certificate. on

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