Partners and Cooperations is published by interpersonal III GmbH, Hamburg, Germany providing HR-services and cooperating with several leading companies in the aviation and airline business. is built on the substantial experience of interpersonal III in the aviation business and its close and trustful relation to many leading employing companies in this sensitive sector of the industry. offers dedicated services and innovative technology. We resource employers with qualified candidates and at the same time help jobseekers find premium employments. provides a safe, intuitive - and above all: the privileged application procedure for several leading employing companies to all jobseekers and qualified applicants in aviation professions.

Acep e-training produces methodically and didactically high-quality, motivating e-learning courses for aviation and beyond. They advise on the implementation of learning concepts and support training organizations in designing an online academy, a digital quality process and train the relevant staff to be eLearning authors.

ADVANCED AVIATION TRAINING is the one-stop solution for general aviation pilots looking for everything from basic to advanced flight training in the Cologne/Bonn area.

Professional and innovative training methods, modern, up-to-date equipment and the pure fun to fly - that's what the ADVANCED AVIATION TRAINING team stands for. Advanced Aviation Training.


Aero Mate – General Aviation’s Digital Mate

At Aero Mate, we develop digital products for General Aviation. We are specialists in the field of digitalization, project management & project leadership, business intelligence, process optimization, coaching and strategy consulting.

Aero Mate for Flight Schools

  • Online flight instructor and aircraft booking.
  • Digital student file and fill-in help for many CAA forms.

Aero Mate for Aircraft Owner

  • Online platform for renting out your aircraft.
  • Access to a large number of verified potential customers.

Aero Mate for Private Pilots

  • Find online aircrafts worldwide easily that you can rent through Aero Mate.

In order to maintain elemental flying skills, Aviation Professionals has developed training courses with a focus on "Keep Your Proficiency”.

A training course "By airliners for airliners". Regular training in the simulator and interactive briefings strengthen and develop the skills of every pilot.

Main areas of training:

  • Basic IFR Jet flying

  • More than an LPC

  • Simulator dry

  • Upon request we offer individual trainings


Bartolini Air is a group of EASA-certified aviation companies offering flight training, private jet charter and management, aircraft sales and maintenance. We are the largest pilot training centre in Central Europe and the Polish representative of Tecnam and TBM (Daher Socata) aircraft manufacturers. Our headquarters is located at Łódź International Airport (EPLL) in central Poland.

Bartłomiej Walas (CPT | FE | CEO at Bartolini Air): „I am impressed with the organization, available materials, practical tips on how the exam will be held and how to prepare for it, and finally the level of the exam itself, professionalism and pleasant atmosphere created by my examiner, which certainly contributed to its quality and its objectivity. As an FE myself, I know how important it is to properly assess the pilot’s skills without creating unnecessary pressure and stress, as they distort the proper assessment of the examinee. It worked perfectly here. I can confidently say with a sense of complete objectivity that I will recommend to anyone who asks me about aviation English exams.“

The aviation company RWL has been training commercial and private pilots in Mönchengladbach for the past 50 years. Additionally, the company offers engine, airframe and avionics maintenance for small aircraft.

18 aircraft of the types Aquila A210, Piper PA28 Cadet, Piper PA28 Arrow and Piper PA44 Seminole are available for training and charter in their own hangar.

Students will also learn on a Beech King Air B200 and a Piper PA44 Seminole FNPT II simulator.

To complete the training RWL also operates a Boeing B737NG full-flight simulator in Mönchengladbach. This is primarily used by airlines for further education and training.

RWL also offers the possibility for aspiring pilots to pursue a university degree while becoming a professional pilot. The RWL works together with the universities in Aachen, Bremen and Saarbrücken. The courses each comprise of engineering and economic knowledge as part of a bachelor's degree course that is specially tailored to the aviation industry.