Welcome to the future of pilot training

SAY-AGAIN.AERO is pleased to introduce the partnership with VRpilot, a Danish company specializing in Virtual Reality pilot training. 

Below you will find information regarding their products and videos showcasing the capabilities and value added. Please reach out to vr@say-again.aero for further information and demonstrations.  

VRflow: The most flexible and efficient procedure trainer

VRflow is an interactive cockpit procedure trainer built on VR. Incorporating advanced learning technologies and interactive training scenarios, VRflow is an extremely efficient tool for both initial and recurring training for students as well as flight crew.

Flight crews will not only learn faster and remember better – VRflow features decision making training, which will improve pilot performance when most needed.

Core features

Lets pilots train on their own
Self-contained, compact and portable device
Can be tailored to any aircraft and any procedure
Multi-crew functionality allows for remote collaborative training

VRflow simulates normal and emergency procedures for any aircraft with a „Learning“ and „Exam“ mode to either guide the student through the procedure or check if the student has memorized the procedure correctly. VRflow will give the student feedback on how well he/she has performed the procedure and show the time taken to complete the procedure.

To learn more about getting started with VR and VRflow please contact us at vr@say-again.aero

VRguide: 360-degree video player for the classroom

In accordance with EASA guidelines

VRguide is a 360-degree video platform designed in accordance with EASA guidelines on distance learning, Issue 5, 18.08.2020. 

The platform allows for easy sharing and synchronizing of 360 degree videos. In VRguide pilots can either watch videos alone or with others in a classroom like experience. The videos can be paused and discussed while instructors can point out details and much more without sitting in the same physical location.

For more information on EASA „Guidance for allowing virtual classroom instruction and distance learning“, read here.


  • Watch videos alone or with others
  • Synchronize video content using cloud services
  • Teach an entire class remotely
  • Students can raise their hand to ask questions using VoIP
  • Details to observe can be pointed out using a laser pointer
  • Runs on commonly available VR-headsets

Schools and organizations record and upload their video material (360 degree or regular 2D videos) to the cloud, and all headsets in the organization can download the material from here.

Teachers or instructors can create a classroom session and remotely control a video with an entire class of up to 25 students.

Users can watch videos alone and even offline.

To learn more about getting started with VR and VRguide please contact us at vr@say-again.aero

VRbasic: The Next-Gen Basic Flight Trainer​

VRbasic is designed for basic flight training where the student must learn the fundamental stick-and-rudder skills of flying. Virtual Reality dramatically improves the outcome of training basic flying skills in a simulator. This means shorter training time, fewer retraining hours and cost savings for the students and the flying school.

See VRbasic in action in this video where we take you on a short scenic flight of Milford Sound (NZ)


Below you will find examples of two different VRbasic configurations.

To learn more about getting started with VR and VRbasic please contact us at vr@say-again.aero