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  • From pilots for pilots: our innovative and practical approach ensures maximum efficiency and flexibility. No travelling to appointments at your local airport or CAA required - you can complete the entire ICAO language proficiency test with our examiners online. Take a look at each step towards your next level of language proficiency!
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Prepare yourself using the provided examples.

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Take your Language Proficiency Test

Your test will be a Zoom session. Language Test PRO: 18 questions + 15 minutes open interview = 40 minutes. Language Test BASIC: 12 questions + 10 minutes open interview = 30 minutes total.

Grading by second level examiner

A second level examiner will listen to the recorded audio file of your exam and assigns the respective language proficiency level. The recording of the exam is required by the authorities. Your grading normally takes not more than 48 hours.

Submit your language certificate to your CAA

We will send your new language certificate via email. Submit this certificate to your CAA who will enter the new level into your pilot license.


You have reached your new ICAO Language Proficiency Level!

  • Here at, we have created a straightforward process from booking to result. Appointments are available at short notice and a webcam exam via Zoom allows you to take your ICAO language proficiency test quickly and from the comfort of your own home. 
  • All of our examiners are professional commercial pilots and that is what we have developed our tests to ensure a professional, relaxed atmosphere amongst fellow pilots is achieved. 
  • Our team of examiners work according to national EASA regulations and we are in constant communication with the authorities to ensure compliance. Our ICAO language proficiency exams are performed with a first and then a second examiner so your new language level is accepted without any complications.
  • To make sure you are prepared, we have put together comprehensive material so that you can reach your full potential. We aim to make sure that you reach the highest ICAO English level possible.

Yes! :) No matter if you are a student pilot, a glider pilot, a private pilot or a commercial pilot: we will conduct the ICAO language proficiency test with you via Zoom app online. You will see your friendly examiner and some of your tasks on your screen. All you need is a stable internet connection and the camera of your notebook or tablet.

Our tests follow ICAO guidelines, are EASA certified and conducted under the legitimation of Language Training Body 112. The governing CAA is Austro Control. The test fulfils requirements of FCL.055 Annex I to ED Decision 2020/005R. Our language certificate is valid up to level 6 in all EASA member states according (EU) 2019/1747. Our Language Proficiency Examiners (LPE/LPLE) are being currently requalified according ICAO DOC 9835 and work with the ICAO Rating Scale FCL Appendix 2 plus the requirements of FCL.055.

If you are aiming for Level 4-6 you may expect 18 questions plus a 15 minute interview (LPT "PRO"). Should you need Level 4 ONLY, the exam will contain only 12 questions (LPT BASIC). The questions will be played to you as pre-recorded audio files. In addition, you will be asked to describe an aviation-related picture in as much detail as possible. We will also listen to an ATIS recording. Last but not least we will verify, that you are able to comprehend and adequately respond to a given air traffic control clearance. Check out our list of sample questions on the preparation page! Examples page!

Your new ICAO language certificate is sent to you via email. Usually this takes only a few days. You will then have to submit the certificate to your CAA and the new ICAO language proficiency will be certified in your license.

Usually our tests take about 40 - 45 minutes up to level 6. If you aim for level 4 only, 30 - 35 minutes should be enough.

Please check your camera and audio signal prior to the test and we will save some time to get started.

ICAO Level 4 ("operational") is the minimum requirement for commercial aircrew and private pilots who are planning to use English ATC on cross-border flights. Level 4 is valid for 4 years. Level 5 ("extended") is often the minimum requirement to enter into commercial pilot recruitment and selection processes. Level 5 is valid for 6 years. The validity of ICAO Level 6 ("expert") is unlimited. Are you uncertain which level to aim for? Just send us an email and we can discuss your options. However, our open testing format "ICAO Language Proficiency Test PRO" is designed to assign the highest possible level to you that corresponds to your language skills. If you go with this format, you will always be on the safe side... ...

Please have a look at our Examples page.

And as always in aviation, nothing works without paperwork: please download the privacy declaration from our website and submit a signed copy to
To avoid any delay caused by technical issues prior to the test, please make sure that the Zoom app is up and running on your PC or tablet including authority to access your camera and microphone. You may use Zoom with your internet browser as well, but experience shows that the smoothest way to go is by installing the app on your device. Please also have your foto ID, pencil and paper at hand so we can identify who you are and start working right away. Click here to watch a short introduction to Zoom.

The audio channel of our exams is recorded and uploaded to a certified Second Level Examiner (SLE). With our "ICAO Language Proficiency Test PRO" you will automatically receive the highest possible level according to your language skills. With the shorter and cheaper "ICAO Language Proficiency Test BASIC" your language level will not exceed Level 4. If this is all you need, save some money and buy the BASIC test. But if you want to improve and enhance your aircrew qualification, we strongly recommend to go for our "ICAO Language Proficiency Test PRO".

-> An upgrade to Level 6 with unlimited validity is possible any time! The renewal of Level 4 or 5 should be conducted within 3 months prior to the current expiry date. The new validity will then extend another four years (level 4) or another six years (level 5) from the end of the old expiry date. Please note: if your current validity is still valid for more than 3 months just register here and we will get back to you with a special offer at the beginning of your renewal period. And no worries: until then, we will leave you alone. 😉

Yes. There is no difference in a language test whether it is an initial issue or renewal. The new validity period will commence at the date the test is conducted (4 or 6 years or unlimited for level 6). 

No. We forward the language certificate to you and then you will have to forward it to your CAA for validation and endorsement. Some CAAs will contact us for verification before they validate your result. 

First of all it is important to note that we will NOT assess your theoretical aviation knowledge but ONLY your ability to speak and comprehend the English language. So, it should not cause any concern if you are stuck at some point or make a mistake. Nobody is perfect...